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Our Policies

Our Policies

Limited One-Year Warranty
Adaptives’ limited one-year warranty policy extends to any defect as a result of workmanship or faulty material. From the date of your invoice we will repair or replace your product(s) at no charge. This warranty applies as long as the products are installed as noted in our installation specs. Removal and re-installation are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Limitations and Exclusions of the Warranty:
Damage caused by misuse, improper installation, careless handling, alterations or deformations by attempted repairs by others are not covered by the warranty. No additional warranty or guarantees, in written or verbal form are allowed or authorized by Adaptive Signage.

Our Return Policy
Custom designed products of any type are not returnable for refund. Our stock items and Quick Ship products can be returned within 30 days of invoice date for a full refund minus a 20% restock fee. Items that have been used and not re-sellable are not returnable.

All Return shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer.

You agree to take a photograph of the failed or broken product and send the photograph or the original failed or broken product to Adaptive Signage.
Upon receipt of the product or the photograph, we will send a replacement of the product, issue a store credit, or will issue a refund via the original payment method for the purchase value of the failed or broken product(s).
Adaptive Signage does not warrant that its products will work for any intended purpose or in any or every set of conditions. You agree that the determination of whether a product’s failure or breakage is due to a manufacturing defect is within the sole discretion of Adaptive Signage. You agree to provide full and complete information regarding the circumstances of the failure or breakage. You will include information to the use of the product, the conditions the product was in, and any other information useful to an informed determination by Adaptive Signage. Note that most ADA signage is intended for interior use
And exterior use of products is not warranted.

Changes to your Order & Cancellation
Adaptive Signage provides many opportunities to review, revise and cancel the order process before fabricating your order. Your email or signature approval is an acknowledgment to move into final fabrication.
You agree that Adaptive Signage is not responsible for reviewing, revising or canceling orders, products or images once an order has been placed.
Adaptive Signage’s employees, officer, owner or authorized agent may revise or cancel an order but is not required or obligated to do so.
You agree that you have reviewed your order and that no further additions, corrections or changes need to be made.
You agree that you are only the person that is responsible for misspelling and mistakes. Unless the final product is different from what you get. In order to make customers order ready quickly, materials for production will be ordered and ready right away after receiving the approval of an order, so any cancellation is subject to labor and material charge and you agree to compensate all expenses related to the cancellation. All orders are sold As-Is.

Dispute Resolution
All disputes arising out of, relating to or connected with these Terms of Sale or your use of any part of the Adaptive Signage website or Sign Assist service will be exclusively resolved under confidential binding arbitration held in Westchester County, New York before and in accordance with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association, by a sole arbitrator applying New York State law (without regard for conflicts of law principles). The arbitrator’s award will be binding and may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, no arbitration under these Terms of Sale will be joined to an arbitration involving any other party subject to these Terms of Sale, whether through class arbitration proceedings or otherwise. Any action to enforce an arbitrator’s award will be brought in a federal or state court located in Westchester County, New York. Each party hereby irrevocably submits to the personal jurisdiction of the Federal and New York State laws in Westchester County. By entering into these Terms of Sale, you hereby irrevocably waive any right you may have to join claims with those of others in the form of a class action or similar procedural device. Any claim arising out of, relating to or connected with these Terms of Sale or your use of any part of the Adaptive Signage group of service must be asserted individually. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Section, Adaptive Signage may seek equitable relief, including, without limitation, injunctive relief, and specific performance, without the requirement of posting a bond or other security or proving money damages are insufficient, from a court of competent jurisdiction.

Color Matching
Adaptive Signage shows its products through a Website viewable by computers connected to the Internet. These computers may view subject signs and products solely through their computer screens(“Monitors”). Monitors may be configured to display images and colors in a variety of ways, both through the use of hardware setup and software setup. There are many possible settings for Monitors and there is no true uniform standard to which all Monitors conform. What may look one way on one monitor, may look different on another. Computer monitors display images with light and use a standard known as RGB to do so. Adaptive Signage produces products in a variety of ways (CMYK, PMS, SPOT and stock material colors and others) that do not use light.
As such, you agree that Adaptive Signage does not guarantee that the colors as they appear on the screen will look the same as the colors as they appear on the purchased product. Adaptive Signage works hard to make the colors on the screen be as true as possible to the printed colors, however, the differences in Monitors and the differences between light and pigment make it impossible to guarantee matching colors for all Users.
Our process if color matching is “Best Match” using the best of our technology to mimic PMS (Pantone Color Match) system or paint match through the Mathews Acrylic Polyurethane Paint Matching System. Exact match to the PMS print ink matching system cannot be guaranteed. If paint or print matching of colors is important to you or your client, we suggest a sample sign be ordered so colors can be seen and visually approved.

Materials we use
Adaptive Signage sells products made out of several different types of materials: Corrugated Plastic, Aluminum with different thicknesses like (040 Aluminum) (080 Aluminum for Traffic Signs) (1/4”, ½” for signs), Art Board (PVC Foam Board), Banner (Vinyl Banner), Acrylic with different thicknesses mainly 1/8”, ¼”, ½”, ¾”, 1”, Coroplast sheets, Chemetal and more.
You agree that you have read our website and/or researched independently and that you know what each of these materials is and what you are buying. Adaptive Signage only guarantees that you will receive the materials advertised on the Web Site that you purchase. You agree that Adaptive Signage is not responsible for products received that are made of materials thought by the purchaser to be something other than advertised on the Web Site.
As an example, you agree Adaptive Signage is not responsible if the Corrugated Plastic received by the purchaser is not what the purchaser envisioned Corrugated Plastic would be, You agree that all products produced and sold by Adaptive Signage are for novelty purposes only. Adaptive Signage, Inc. does not make any claims about the legal compliance or registration of signs, or any other products sold by Adaptive Signage or by an Adaptive Signage affiliate. You agree to check with any applicable legal authority for the standards, rules, and regulations governing the types of signs, or other products permitted for your particular use.

Uploaded Art or Images
Adaptive Signage permits users to upload images onto their quote request form and products through the Adaptive Signage website, you agree that Adaptive Signage is not responsible for the quality of the images you upload.
You agree that you alone are responsible for making sure that the quality of the image you are uploading is of high enough quality to be satisfactory to you at the size you select on the sign or product that you are purchasing.
Images are created and stored in a variety of ways and you agree that Adaptive Signage is not responsible for ensuring quality images for any image file format available on the Web Site.

Clip Art Copyright
Adaptive Signage permits users to upload images and artwork files onto their quote request form through the Adaptive Signage Web site. You agree that Adaptive Signage is not responsible for uploaded clip arts including images, designs, symbols, patterns, and any other uploaded files copyright. It is each user’s responsibility to check the legitimacy of files they upload.

Production Time
Due to the high volume of job orders, Adaptive Signage turnaround time is currently 4-5 weeks. We will continue to do our best to get orders out sooner. The production time is often lessened when possible.

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