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Midtown Collection

Midtown Collection

ADA Compliant Signage

Our Midtown Collection is designed to fit most interiors. Its metallic face and satin color back piece make for a clean and simple look. This sign is an elegant addition to any wall.

This Collection can also be customized to fit your branding needs by UV printing your logo directly on the sign-in full color and raised!

The Midtown directory consists of 3 layers of acrylic, making it 1/2” thick altogether.
The directory comes in a standard width, 14”, but can vary in length depending on the number of “slats” needed per sign.

Midtown Collection Assets

• 1/8” Horizontally Brushed Dibond
• Raised Pictorial in Black
• 1/8” Satin Acrylic
• Raised Compliant Text in Black
• Raised Compliant Type ll Braille in Black

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Adaptive Signage is competitively priced while surpassing the quality of other of their peers . We have also found this organization and professionalism to help us receive the product we want at the given time that we want it.

Michael Cinicolo

VP of Property and Construction Management, GHP

Midtown Collection Sign Board
Midtown Collection Complaint Signage


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